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Psychosocial and Parental support in Dropout Prevention

Siboniso Bophela

27 May 2022

Many people assume that children leave school because they are lazy and irresponsible but the reasons are much more complicated. Learners who have at least one supportive guardian adult in their lives do better.

1. Showing genuine interest

  • Showing a genuine interest in the child’s life and asking them questions about their interests and passions.

  • Do I find even 5 minutes in the day to chat with my child about school?

  • Do I know my child’s teacher and do I attend school meetings?

2. Caring about their experience

  • Any adult guardian can play a supportive role even if they didn’t finish school themselves.

  • Get involved by asking questions about their experience at school and ask your child if they are getting the support they need.

  • Is my child going to school every day after I leave for work? Is there someone else I could ask to check?

3. Helping them through issues

  • Build trust with your child by working through issues with compassion and patience.

  • Ask for help from educators and community leaders.

  • Do I read my child’s report with him and ask him where he is struggling in a supportive way?

  • Have I communicated with the teacher to further understand what my child is struggling with?

4. Taking Action

  • Form parental Whatsapp groups to share ideas, and experiences and to support one another.

  • Take action by talking about worries about bullying or teachers hitting learners with the School Governing Board ‘SGB’.

  • If you don’t know how to help, have you asked others for help and advice?

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