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The Cost of Job-Seeking: Youth Action Plan

Updated: May 24, 2022

How much money do you spend looking for work?

Present issue: At the beginning of 2019, 'The Conversation' reported Young South Africans spend on average R938 a month searching for employment.

Since this figure was reported pre-covid, it's important to understand the financial impact the pandemic has on job seeking.

As long as many people live in poverty, no South African should rest

“As long as many of our people still live in utter poverty, as long as children still live under plastic covers, as long as many of our people are still without jobs, no South African should rest and wallow in the joy of freedom.”

- Nelson Mandela

Open Dialogue

In 2020, Youth Capital launched their Action Plan grounded in young people’s experience, providing a shared agenda as the blueprint for tackling the crisis of youth unemployment.

The Action Plan prioritises ten systemic challenges that need to be addressed to ensure that young South Africans have the skills, opportunities and support to get their first decent job.

We are extending their research to make job-seeking more affordable, by connecting young people’s experiences, skills and ideas with researchers and decision-makers.


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